Mercedes Offers Illuminated Star

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Want to bling out your Benz? Try this illuminated grille emblem from the Mercedes accessories catalog.

Remember two months ago when Rolls-Royce revealed an illuminated hood ornament? Well apparently Mercedes-Benz has taken notice, offering its iconic tristar emblem in illuminated form as well. The glowing star is being offered by on the M, GL, C, CLS and E-Class models – at least those that have the star mounted in the grille (instead of atop it) and not fitted with Distronic adaptive cruise control (which houses its cameras in the grille emblem). The star illuminates when the doors are unlocked or the engine turned off.

Could we be looking at a new trend here? In addition to Rolls and Benz, the Striker emblem on the back of the SRT Viper glows as a third brake light, and Ford has been toying with a projected Mustang logo. We have a feeling this won't be the last.

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