Mercedes Officially Reveals C-Class Interior

And it’s as sumptuous and sophisticated as that in the S-Class.

Having teased the all-new C-Class in an official video, Mercedes has decided it’s time to present in detail the area that’s received the most improvement – the interior cabin. As you can see from the pictures, the cabin layout has been refined as per the latest Benz models and sports a luxurious finish. A 7-inch free-standing display comes as standard with the option of an 8.4-inch color monitor, head-up display and touch-controlled pad.

The 2014 C-Class also comes with an innovative a/c system, which uses GPS data to detect tunnels and automatically closes the air recirculation flap to keep fumes from entering the cabin. Another pioneering feature can be found in the front passenger seat, which has a sensor that disengages the airbag once a child’s seat is detected. Mercedes claims the fifth-gen C-Class will boast a best-in-class weight, up to 100 kg lighter than its predecessor resulting in 20 percent better fuel economy without sacrificing power.

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