Mercedes Planning Baby GLG SUV

A smaller version of the G-Wagen could arrive in 2015 to rival the Land Rover Defender’s replacement.

Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche recently revealed that Mercedes was working to prepare ten all-new models by 2020, and it appears that a small G-Class is under consideration to fill one of those spots. Internally nicknamed the Mini-G and likely to be called the GLG, the new SUV is set to share its platform with the A-Class and the upcoming GLA crossover. With beefier styling and a more off-road orientation, the GLG would be set to battle the upcoming Land Rover Defender replacement due a few years from now.

According to Car magazine, the GLG will boast hints of the original G-wagen's boxy styling, such as a boxed-off taillights and an external spare wheel mounted at the back, but with decidedly superior aerodynamics. Mercedes is considering introducing front-wheel drive for the base models to mimic Land Rover's strategy, while 4Matic all-wheel-drive versions will also be an option. Engines would be borrowed from the A- and B-Class models, with 1.6- and 2.0-liter gasoline engines and four diesels including a 204-horsepower 2.1-liter engine. A 350-hp GLG45 AMG is also said to be in the mix. If Daimler signs off on the project, expect it to arrive in 2015.

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