Mercedes Plans On Taking On The Model X With A CUV

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An electric CUV is on the way.

Tesla has owned the electric market with its Model S for a number of years and has just expanded to the crossover market with its Model X. While the Model X is currently in a league of its own, Auto Bild reports that Mercedes-Benz is planning on creating its own electric crossover before the end of the decade. Tentatively named ELC, the crossover will utilize a new platform called the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) that's being engineered to underpin a variety of other electric vehicles.

The ELC will compete in the same market as the new Mercedes-Benz GLC (pictured) and share a couple of exterior components. There's no official word on what type of powertrain the ELC will use, but the crossover is rumored to have up to 536 horsepower, which will power all four wheels and will have a range of 250 miles on one charge. Just as the rest of Mercedes-Benz's lineup, the ELC will have all of the latest technology and will be specifically catered to EV owners. The ELC is expected to be introduced at a major auto show in 2018, which means it could make it to the US by 2019. According to Auto Bild, the ELC is going to be more affordable than the Model X with a starting price of around $54,000 in Europe.


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