Mercedes Pondering Maybach Editions of GL and S-Class Coupe

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A Maybach sub-division could spawn a new line of super-luxury Benz models.

As AMG has become synonymous with performance, Mercedes wants the relaunched Maybach sub-brand to be identified with "super-luxury." The first model to wear the new Maybach moniker will be the long-wheelbase S-Class, and according to Motoring, the GL-Class will come next. Other models under consideration are the recently unveiled S-Class Coupe and the upcoming MLC SUV coupe.

The "GL-Class by Maybach" would come with styling upgrades and a luxury makeover. The existing GL architecture would remain albeit enhanced with S-Class technology such as Curve Tilting and Magic Body Control. Dr. Thomas Weber, Mercedes Head of R&D, said: "There is still a good brand image linked to Maybach – so stay tuned to what we plan to do with this brand. You will see more in the months to come and maybe next year will be the year of our SUV offensive."

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