Mercedes Porsche Fighter Coming in 2015


Will the Porsche 911 finally meet its match?

Only last month were we able to confirm that Mercedes-Benz's upcoming Porsche 911 fighter, the so-called SLC, was back on track. You see, it appeared that Mercedes was having second thoughts about the project only a few months ago, and prototype testing came to halt. Not only are pre-production mules testing on both the road and track these days, a new report is claiming that the SLC will be arriving a little sooner than we expected.

Auto Express is claiming that we can expect for Mercedes to reveal the SLC in mid-2015, which would coincide nicely with a Geneva show live premiere. The images from our spy photographers may look like it's a smaller version of its more powerful sibling, the SLS AMG, but we can expect for the production version to have unique sheetmetal. Gullwing doors will not be happening. Under its hood is also still a mystery, but a twin-turbo V6 is a good bet while a twin-turbo V8 could be optional. Remember, the SLC (or possibly the SLR) will be targeted specifically at the Porsche 911, and its overall pricing, packaging and performance will reflect that.

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