Mercedes Ready To Stick It To Tesla With An Electric SUV

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Hopefully it won't look as weird as the Model X.

Mercedes is working on an all electric SUV with unique styling to take on the Tesla Model X. This zero-emissions SUV will be the first in a planned range of electric vehicles from Mercedes. Up to this point, Mercedes has limited its electric drivetrains to the Smart Fortwo, B-Class, and that limited run electric SLS. The SUV is set to be unveiled at the upcoming Paris Motor Show with a "whole new look that takes into consideration the unique properties of electric vehicles" according to a Mercedes-Benz official in an interview with Autocar.


The electric SUV will be based on the GLC. However, Mercedes will likely change the styling to show off its electric underpinnings. We hope that Mercedes doesn't go too far with the styling changes, because the GLC is one of the better looking SUVs on the market. The Tesla Model X is a very nice SUV as well, but the styling is very controversial. We think that more people would embrace electric cars if they didn't look so weird. What do you think this electric SUV should look like?

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