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Mercedes Returning to the Flat-Six Club

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Leave it to the Germans to always deliver great engines.

Back in the mid-90s, Mercedes-Benz abandoned something that was a longtime favorite: flat-six engines. Since then, the German automaker has put everything from turbo fours to turbo eights and plenty of V6s under the hoods of its cars. And let's not forget its lineup of Bluetec diesels and emerging hybrids. Now a new report is claiming that Mercedes is currently developing a new lineup of inline-six engines as part of a new modular powertrain architecture.

That powertrain will also serve as the basis for three and four-cylinder engines too. But those new sixes aren't expected to be launched until 2016 in the next-generation E-Class. The upcoming redesigned C-Class will receive this new engine in around 2017 when it receives a facelift. As seemingly every automaker is focusing immense efforts on developing hybrid, plug-in hybrids powertrains and turbocharging in place of natural displacement, at least Mercedes (and Mazda) still hasn't given up on good old internal combustion.

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