Mercedes Reveals The Interior Of The Next E-Class And It Shames Many BMWs


Not a bad place to be when stuck in traffic.

Mercedes-Benz is taking its time revealing the next-generation E-Class. It prefers more of a striptease approach, such as revealing the all-new interior first. And that’s exactly what’s been done with an entire gallery of images. Bo doubt you will be immediately drawn towards the 12.3-inch dual-display that, in the automaker’s words, “appears to hover in space.” The new E-Class is also the first ever car to integrate touch control buttons in the spokes of the multifunction steering wheel.

Just like the surface of a smartphone, these buttons are touch-sensitive and respond precisely to horizontal and vertical finger swipes. Essentially, think of the overall dashboard design as an evolution of sorts of the new S-Class’ interior layout.

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Depending on the trim level, E-Class interiors wheel feature a different steering wheel, nav system, materials and trims. Also take note of the four round vents directly beneath the infotainment system while the center console houses the climate system controls and clock. The whole dashboard looks ridiculously high-tech, but also, perhaps more importantly, elegant. Unlike, say, many BMW interiors, there are relatively few buttons and everything looks to be neatly laid out. Expect to see the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class have its official premiere at Detroit next month, and we’ll be on hand to give you all of the details.