Mercedes Reveals X4/X6-Fighting Concept Coupe SUV

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Headed for full reveal in Beijing.

For some time now, Mercedes has been hinting, teasing and alluding to an upcoming crossover coupe, which would take on the BMW X4 or X6-fighting four-door coupe-crossovers. This model, nicknamed the MLC in various rumors, is expected to commence production in 2015, but has yet to be shown even in concept form. But now, Mercedes has released this image of the upcoming car, which should directly take on BMW's entry in this utterly useless category,


It'll also do battle against the expected Q4 and Q6 models from Audi. The concept will be unveiled at next week's Beijing Motor Show, where it is expected to fit into the family above the M-Class, and most likely be powered by a hybrid powertrain. With few details and only the one image available for now, stay tuned for more news before next week's show.

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