Mercedes Reviving the CLK?


Just when we thought we understood where Mercedes was heading with its coupes, we get this curveball.

We don’t mind telling you we’re getting a little confused by the nomenclature Mercedes uses for its coupes these days. And we’re not even talking about the issue of four-door coupes like the CLS and new CLA. Benz’s coupes used to be part of the company’s sedan families, in the same way that its wagons are. There was the E-Class sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible. Then Mercedes split the two-door models off into its own family in between the E- and C-Classes and called it the CLK.

More recently the German automaker split the CLK back into two models, integrating the C-Class coupe into the smaller family and the E-Class coupe into the larger. And it’s expected to do the same with the CL-Class, reintegrating the next version into the new S-Class family. We had just finished wrapping our heads around all that when this report came along, suggesting that Mercedes is planning to replace the C-Class coupe with a new CLK. The new compact coupe is tipped to arrive in 2015, after which we can expect the whole process to start all over again.

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