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Mercedes S-Class Coupe Breaks Cover

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Beautiful new two-door flagship can lean into corners.

Ahead of its public debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes has taken the wraps off the S-Class Coupe that will go on sale in the US this fall. Marking the end of the CL-Class, the S Coupe will arrive exclusively as a S550 Coupe 4MATIC at launch with power coming from a 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 rated at 449 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque mated to a seven-speed automatic. As is typical with new high-end Mercs, the S-Class Coupe premiers a new piece of technical wizardry the carmaker is calling "active curve tilting function."

The new feature is integrated into the Magic Body Control system, allowing drivers to lean the car into corners. Using a pair of front-mounted cameras, when the system detects a corner up to 49 feet away it leans the car up to 2.5 degrees over - similar to a motorcycle - in order to reduce lateral acceleration. Mercedes has stayed true to the design of the concept and kept the two-door as distinct from the sedan as possible, with the stylish, muscular body giving the S-Class Coupe a personality all of its own. The 198-inch long coupe comes with full-LED headlights topped by LED DRLs, and wide rear fender arches.

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The interior, however, apes the S-Class sedan almost completely. Sporty touches include optional Bengal Red leather upholstery and metallic trim, while standard goodies include the touchpad for the infotainment system borrowed from the S65 AMG, and a panoramic sunroof that opens up two-thirds of the cabin. At the touch of a button, Magic Sky Control allows the driver to switch from transparent to opaque.