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Mercedes S Class May Soon Be as Electric as Tesla

Plug-In Hybrid

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid is not enough: Benz wants to be fully electric.

As we told you a while back, the Mercedes-Benz S Class will soon be offered in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid formats, with the plug-in delivering a fuel economy of 78 mpg. But for Mercedes officials, that seems to be too little. Therefore, it's now working on a possible addition to the family: a fully-electric flagship S Class. Speaking to Top Gear in Geneva, head of Mercedes’ large car program Dr. Uwe Ernstberger said these plans would materialize sometime in the future.

Currently, the company is working on improving battery package capacities, allowing customers to get all the comforts and amenities that they are used to from their luxurious S Classes. With rumors of increased cooperation between Mercedes and Tesla (which Mercedes has invested in), an upcoming electric S Class would make even more sense, especially considering Mercedes’ past experience with an electric Smart, the new B-Class and the SLS AMG Electric drive.

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