Mercedes Says Technology Won't Change Design That Much, Despite F 015 Concept In Detroit

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Like saying "You know that thing we just built and still have on display? Pointless."

It is not unusual for a carmaker that wishes to show off new technology to pair it with an eye-catching design as a means of really driving home the point that the technology is new. This was used to great effect by Toyota, where the unique design of the Prius doubled as a means of showing off one's social consciousness, despite also being uniquely ugly. Concept cars are doing this all of the time, with the most aggressive recent example being the Mercedes F 015.

This autonomous concept is still being viewed by members of the public at the Detroit Auto Show as you read these words. But Gorden Wagener, head of the Mercedes-Benz design department, just told Autocar that technology won't be changing automotive design all that radically any time in the near future. There was even a bit of good news for those who fear surrendering control to a computer. He said "Once the steering wheel is gone you might as well take the train. Autonomous functions should only be there for the times they can make life better. At other times, Mercedes drivers will want to drive."

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