Mercedes Says There Will Never Be An AMG X-Class Pickup


We'd say don't give up hope but never means never.

When it comes to models that we think should be sold in the US, the Mercedes X-Class sit right near the top of the list. Pickup trucks have become such big business in the US, people are actually buying them instead of luxury cars. Hence why a Mercedes pick up truck, the X-Class, would probably sell like hotcakes in the US market. Mercedes has gone back and forth on whether to sell the X-Class in the US, but the answer seemingly always ends up as no.

Another rumor that seems to keep popping up is the idea of an AMG X-Class. The current X-Class shares a V6 engine with the Nissan/Renault trucks on which it is based, but rumors have speculated Mercedes could drop in a V8. In an effort to put these rumors to bed once and for all, AMG boss Tobias Moers told CarSales "There will be no AMG X-Class, never."

Moers must be getting tired of being asked about an AMG X-Class, so at the launch of the new AMG GT Four-Door Coupe, he decided to end these rumors, forever. Moers didn't use loose phrasing like it wasn't in the cards right now, or it wasn't financially viable at the moment, he used the word "never."

Some of the reasons why an AMG X-Class will never happen include a lack of engineering resources and low expected sales volume (especially since it won't be offered in the US).

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And if those weren't good enough reasons on their own, Moers said: “AMG culture would be a difficult fit with Nissan and Renault cultures." Unlike other Mercedes models, the X-Class is built on a platform developed by Nissan and Renault. It was not developed with a V8 AMG model in mind, so stuffing a V8 and AMG suspension into the Japanese/French truck would be extremely difficult.

Sadly, this marks the end of the rumors that the X-Class will ever have an AMG version. Don't worry, because Mercedes is still happy to stuff a twin-turbo V8 into a G-Wagon.

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