Mercedes Sedan A Concept Bows In Shanghai, Hints At Next-Gen CLA


If this is what Mercedes has in store for the entry-level segment, BMW and Audi should start panicking.

The level of effort Mercedes has been putting into dominating the luxury market has been showing as of late, with BMW having slipped behind to the second place podium. Now that Mercedes is ahead, it shows no signs of willingness to let go of its first place trophy. To keep its position, Mercedes will shift priorities to focus on younger buyers. This demographic is important to automakers because it secures sales of more expensive models in the future. However, smaller cheaper cars must be used to lure them in.

Mercedes knows this well and to capture the attention of these buyers, the automaker has promised more small entry-level models to sit next to the GLA, CLA, and A-Class. Following through on that promise, Mercedes has gone ahead and unveiled the Concept A Sedan, an attractive take on what future entry-level Mercedes vehicles could look like a few years down the line. It best resembles the current CLA though it gets some attractive new features including a lack of creases making for a clean-looking body, a Panamericana grille straight from the depths of AMG, and a large C-pillar that slopes to the rear and retains a slight bit more of a sedan roofline than the current CLA does.

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To our eyes, the front end of the Concept A Sedan bears a slight resemblance to the AMG GT Concept, perhaps alluding to a future design language Mercedes hopes to use on the front ends of its sedans. If this holds true, then BMW really does have something to worry about because the Sedan A Concept does an impressive job of bringing top-tier premium luxury to the lower ends of the pricing spectrum. With door handles sitting flush with the door panels, a panoramic glass roof, and large 20-inch wheels, the entry-level sedan is ready to outdo its rivals based on value alone. The best part? The fact that this concept is not too far from becoming a production model, with rumors speculating that the Audi A3-fighter could be making it to market as early as 2019.