Mercedes SL Black Edition by Prior

New widebody aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL has been revealed by Prior Design.

The SL-Class is not the slenderest of sportscars in Mercedes-Benz stable, but that didn't stop Prior Design from giving owners the chance to enhance their rides with a hard-nosed widebody kit. Dubbed the Black Edition V2, the widebody kit has been designed for the R230 generation of the German roadster to give it more presence on the road. Aerodynamically optimized and made of Dura-Flex FRP (a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with carbon fibers), the kit is easy to paint and install and requires no modification.

Components include a new front bumper with add-on spoiler and special winglets that generate downforce while sending cool air to the engine and brakes. A revised front fascia comprises of a new black mesh grille and ventilated hood, wider front and rear fenders connected by a pair of skirts give the SL more muscle, while an upgraded rear bumper with integrated diffuser aims to keep the bulky back end firmly fixed to the road at high speeds. An optional Black Edition trunk spoiler adds further flair and downforce. The new Black Edition V2 widebody aero kit for the SL is priced at 12,900 Euros, with the optional rear spoiler coming in at 599 Euros.

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