Mercedes Spotted Testing US Bound E-Class All-Terrain

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And yes, this one is coming to America.

A recent document sent to the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain would be offered in the United States for the 2024 model year, keeping the wagon body style alive.

A few days later, we have our first spy shots of it. The All-Terrain is still heavily camouflaged, but it's obvious what we are looking at here. Previous spy shots have shown the wagon, which sits lower to the ground but essentially shares the same body minus some body cladding.

Like Audi with the A6 allroad, Mercedes only offers the lifted version of its mid-size wagon because it appeals more to the crossover-crazed US market. We still get the conventional wagon, but only as the E63 performance variant. Because the E63 Wagon and E-Class All-Terrain share the same body, Mercedes can save money crash testing just one of them.


Though the facelifted All-Terrain is still covered up, we have a good idea of what it will look like. Mercedes recently introduced the all-new E-Class, and the All-Terrain will share most of its exterior design. Expect more rounded headlights, a three-pointed star grille pattern, and those opinion-splitting taillights with star shapes inside.

Mercedes will likely offer the E-Class All-Terrain in E450 4Matic guise, meaning it will come with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine under the hood producing 375 horsepower and 369 lb-ft going out to all-wheel-drive through a nine-speed automatic transmission.

As before, the ride should be supple thanks to standard air suspension.


Inside, the All-Terrain should look exactly like the sedan from the rear seats forward, meaning it will have the same infotainment setup, which includes a selfie camera. The so-called Superscreen comprises a digital gauge cluster, a center infotainment system, and a passenger screen that can display apps like TikTok, games like Angry Birds, and streaming services like Netflix. Nothing on this screen can be seen from the driver's seat to avoid distractions.

Based on past Mercedes product timing, we suspect the All-Terrain will debut alongside its traditional wagon counterpart later this year. Only the former will be sold in the US in non-AMG guise.

Front View Mercedes-Benz
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