Mercedes Sprinter Inspired by Air Force One


Want to think you're the President? Then this is your van.

German tuning firm Hartmann has just released the first pictures and details about their latest creation. Called the ‘SP5 Conference' and based off the Mercedes Sprinter van, the package has mainly focused on the interior, which has been inspired by none other than Air Force One. Yes, as in the President of the United States' official sky ride. In order to replicate the famous plane's interior, the tuning firm started things off by creating two separate sections inside the van.

The salon, located at the front of the interior, has two seats that can swivel around to face the two rear seats. In addition, there's also a lifting, folding, and turning table located in the middle. As you move further back, Hartmann added a kitchenette section that features boat plywood trim, cupboard space for everything from silverware to a coffee bar and two 12-Volt connections. There's also ambient lighting and full insulation in order to keep a consistent temperature. The exterior receives some minor upgrades such as a front spoiler kit, a side sill set, and a tail skirt with the finishing touch being a set of 20-inch alloy wheels.

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No official pricing has been announced, but we suspect that Hartmann won't have any problems finding a few buyers with the extra cash to spend.