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Mercedes Still Doesn't Plan on Buying Aston Martin (For Now)

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But the rumors just won't subside.

Aston Martin is alive and well today partly thanks to Daimler. If you recall, the German automaker recently took a 5 percent stake in AM in exchange for supplying it with badly needed electric and electronic parts as well as AMG-engineered V8 engines. Absolutely zero cash has exchanged hands as per the agreement. But still, this relationship has had many people wondering whether it'll lead to something more. Perhaps an agreement for Daimler to buy AM outright?

Well, that's not in the pipeline at the moment, according to Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. "I don't think we could do a better job running a 4,000-units-a-year company than Aston Martin's management," Zetsche stated recently. He also has no plans to increase his company's stake in AM. However, that hasn't stopped other rumors from arising. The latest is that Daimler and AM are currently in talks in regards to using Mercedes technology to develop an AM SUV, potentially to go on sale in 2017.

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