Mercedes STILL Hasn't Ruled Out The X-Class Pickup For The US

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Perhaps Mercedes has finally taken our advice to bring the X-Class stateside.

The world took notice when Mercedes-Benz revealed its luxury X-Class pickup truck. When the rumors first circulated, we didn't think that Mercedes would come through with a pickup truck model, but we were pleasantly surprised when the X-Class was unveiled. Unfortunately, Mercedes quickly ruined our elation by hitting us with the gut punch that it won't sell the X-Class in the US. Mercedes has since been coming up with excuses to justify not bringing this awesome model to the US, until now that is. The X-Class may come stateside after all.

According to a report from Automotive News Europe, Mercedes is now mulling the potential for the X-Class in the US. Up until now, Mercedes has had doubts that the mid-size X-Class would do well in the US, where consumers prefer full-size trucks. Now, Mercedes-Benz Vans division head Volker Mornhinweg says that "In the past year the midsize truck market has come back a bit. General Motors is launching a midsize truck. We are watching developments very closely, and we will take a decision at the appropriate time." This certainly doesn't sound like a definitive yes, but it isn't a no either. We wish Mercedes would finally make up its mind, but we think this is a step in the right direction.

If Mercedes did decide to bring the X-Class to the US, it would be the only pickup truck model from a luxury brand on the market. The US once had models like the Lincoln Blackwood and Cadillac Escalade EXT, but we think that a Mercedes truck would be the luxury truck that we have always dreamed about. Audi has already expressed interest in building a truck if Mercedes does, and people are already speculating about what a BMW X5-based truck could look like. We will continue to plea for Mercedes to bring the X-Class to the US, and so far it seems like Mercedes has been listening.


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