Mercedes Strikes Back At McLaren With A Very Special AMG GT

This AMG isn't powered by gasoline, or even electricity.

Just a few days ago, McLaren trolled the world with a press release titled “The latest McLaren P1 is pure electric." In reality, this "pure electric" P1 was really just a kids toy that costs around $500. Mercedes has decided to strike back at McLaren with a less "trolly" approach. If you think that $486 is a bit much to spend on a kids version of a McLaren P1, you can now buy them an AMG GT for around $106. Unlike the mini-McLaren, the AMG isn't powered by electricity. Rather, it is powered by what ever your kids ate in the morning.

Unlike the McLaren, the Mercedes is meant to be sat on and pushed by foot (hence the lower cost). Still, the AMG GT comes with features like an adjustable steering column, a padded seat, and treated tires. The standard Bobby-AMG GT is painted silver with a red seat, but there is also an upgraded Bobby-AMG GT S that is painted yellow with a black seat. The AMG GT S will also get functioning LED headlights and a flat-bottom steering wheel. Finally, there is also a “Tribute to Bambi” edition which benefits disadvantaged children. This version is limited to 1,000 units and is painted black with a red seat. All of these Bobby-cars are built by BIG Toys, which has made over 17 million Bobby cars since 1972.

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