Mercedes' Teaser Trailer For Its New Truck Left Us With A Ton Of Questions


Mercedes new truck will make its debut in concept form in Stockholm.

A short time ago news leaked that Mercedes-Benz was planning to show off its new pickup truck on October 25th. What we didn’t know is where the reveal as taking place. Now we know the location will be Stockholm, with the automaker itself spilling the beans in a new teaser trailer for the truck. In the trailer all we get are quick glimpses of the new model, with features like its wheels, headlights, front end and side mirrors highlighted. Despite the mysterious nature of this video there’s a lot to glean from it.

Check out the teaser trailer for yourself to get an idea of what we’re talking about. You might want to lower the volume on your headphones first.

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Mercedes’ truck is based on the Nissan Navara, but the two are going to share very few similarities on the surface. From the trailer we can discern that the new German pickup will have flowing lines that contrast with the typically box shape of a pickup. Its front end will also look atypical, with both the grille and lip looking more at home on a sedan than a vehicle designed to cruise construction sites. And then there are those wheels...The automaker said that its "concept" truck was making its debut on the 25th, meaning the truck we see in Sweden will undergo some changes before it finally hits dealer lots. We wonder just what those changes will be as the car in this trailer bears little resemblance to the one our spy photographers captured out and about.

Will the truck shown in Stockholm be closer to the real deal than the one we spied covered in camo? Was that camo-covered pickup just an elaborate decoy all along? Why is the truck being shown off in Stockholm to begin with?! Here’s hoping all those questions, and more, are answered on October 25th.