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Mercedes To Completely Revamp Most Iconic Models Within Next Few Years

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You can kiss the current G-Class, SLC-Class, and GLE-Class goodbye.

Following a report claiming that Mercedes was in the process of letting the SLC die out by abstaining from to committing to a redesign, Car and Driver decided to phone up Mercedes and ask just what the automaker was planning for its next generation of cars. Recently, Mercedes has shown prowess in predicting the future, committing to a large range of SUVs and four door coupes before they became popular, and this has gone to its benefit.

Furthermore, the German luxury car manufacturer has expanded the ends of its range, offering high cost performance variants and ultra-luxury vehicles using its AMG and Maybach monikers while simultaneously gunning for customers at the low ends of the spectrum using its modular front-wheel drive MFA architecture. In the US, this comes packaged inside of the CLA and GLA, the former of which was reimagined in its modern form by the A-Class Concept we saw at Auto Shanghai. What can be gathered here is that the AMG GT's muscular styling elements will make it down range, offering a more aggressive look for younger customers who demand such things.

Classic Cars Reimagined For 21st Century
Classic Cars Reimagined For 21st Century
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A GLB-Class mini SUV should be out around the time that gets to dealerships as well. As for the AMG GT, Mercedes will announce a Black Series variant as the current version of the car begins to get into its golden years while a four-door AMG GT, previewed by the AMG GT Concept, will be out by 2019 riding on the same platform as the E-Class. Inside it will get a mix of AMG GT and E-Class styling elements and will without a doubt keep the Porsche Panamera up at night. While the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class are still fairly young (especially given the recent S-Class facelift), new power plants will soon make it to these models along with 48-volt electrical systems to help modernize these vehicles for the next generation of driver technology.

Those concerned with Beverly Hills appearances can rest easy knowing the next generation G-Class will not lose its iconic rugged and boxy look. What will be amended will be the old G-Class qualms including a cramped interior, solved by widening the vehicle by four inches, and an aged cabin, which will see a makeover. Other SUVs getting a redo will be the GLE and GLS, which will have their rounded edges sharpened to make for a more rugged look while the interiors will be upgraded with even more style. Expect a GLS-based Maybach SUV out within the next few years as well. The GLC, having recently been tuned by AMG, will stay put right where it's at, especially given that it's selling like hotcakes.

On the roadster end of things, we already know about the SLC's demise, but as stated previously, the SL-Class will be stretched to accommodate a 2+2 seating style, leaving the future of the S-Class Coupe and Convertible ambiguous. Thanks to Mercedes, the next few years should be interesting barring a world war.