Mercedes To Create Entire New Brand To Fight Tesla

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Should be here by the end of the decade.

Mercedes-Benz is planning on launching an entire range of electric vehicles under a brand new sub-brand. According to reporting from Automotive News, the new sub-brand will launch with an entirely new name and will do so before the end of the decade. The range of all-electric cars will consist of two SUVs and two sedans - a plan that is very similar to that being undertaken by rivals Tesla. While we don't know much about any of the four models that will be released, we do know when we can get a first look at one of the SUVs.

The first of the all-electric SUVs will be showcased at the upcoming Paris Auto Show, according to an official announcement from Mercedes. It's reported that the SUV will feature an all-electric range somewhere in the region of 310 miles. The creation of an entirely new brand is a departure from the current philosophy employed by Mercedes regarding its electric vehicles. Currently, Mercedes converts existing models into electric vehicles. This new brand, however, will take the opposite approach. All four models within the sub-brand will be built from the ground up as full electric-only vehicles. One of the most notable examples of the brand's previous electric strategy was the bonkers electric SLS sports car.

Previously, Mercedes had announced plans to release an all-electric line-up by the end of the decade under the Mercedes-Benz brand. Changing tracks and releasing the cars under an entirely separate brand is a huge change of direction so late in the game for Mercedes. We'll see if it pays off.


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