Mercedes To Task F1 Facilities With Building AMG Project One


And you thought Mercedes was kidding when it said the Project One will be nothing more than a road-legal hypercar?

Exclusivity may be the main selling point to those wealthy enough to purchase the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar, but that exclusivity is built on the backbone of Mercedes’ prowess in the Formula 1 department. If it wasn’t for its winning team’s engineering know-how, AMG’s outlandish performance claims might be cast aside as utter nonsense. That’s far from the case, in part because Mercedes reassured fans that the Project One would be designed using its F1 team’s technology.

Autocar, however, reports that AMG will be going a step further. Speaking with AMG boss Tobias Moers, it found that Mercedes may also build the Project One near the Silver Star’s F1 headquarters in Brackley, United Kingdom. That would be convenient because many of the Project One’s components will be built alongside those slated for Mercedes F1 cars at facilities in Brixworth and Brackley. That includes the engine, suspension, chassis, and much of the body. Not only does this give all 275 Project One buyers bragging rights over the fact their $2.4 million dollar rides are perhaps the best road-legal Nurburgring tacklers, it means that Mercedes is serious about putting the best it’s got into the Project One.

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That philosophy of using cutting-edge tech not available to the public is embodied in every part of the Project one, especially in its drivetrain. “I knew if we were going to make a car like this, it couldn’t just be a V8, a V10 or a V12,” said Moers. “It had to be more sophisticated than that. We were already making the best engine in F1, so I called Andy. He asked me to give him two months to prepare and then we decided to go ahead.” With a 1.6-liter V6 engine making 1,000 horsepower using the help of a electric motors and pneumatic valve spring technology, the Project One will certainly be unlike anything else on the road. Along with the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the UK can now lay claim to being the hypercar production capital.