Mercedes Unleashes Summer Early In New York With The 503-HP C63 AMG Cabrio

2016 New York Auto Show / 11 Comments

A C-Class convertible is a first for Mercedes, so how will the AMG version add up?

The wraps have been pulled off of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet at the New York Auto Show and we couldn't be happier with the result. On schedule to be released later this year, the lower tier C63 will offer a 107 horsepower advantage over the 362 bhp C43 AMG "sport" version for a total of 469 ponies. This additional power will drop 0-60 mph times from 4.7 seconds in the V6-powered C43 AMG Cabrio to 4.1-seconds for the 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 C63 AMG. All that with the top off.

Like the C63 AMG coupe, the cabrio will also get the optional 503 horsepower AMG S package, which will raise the top speed from 155 mph on the base C63 to 174 mph for S equipped models while 0-60 mph times drop by a tenth of a second to an even 4.0 seconds. The C63 AMG S Coupe can complete the same feat in 3.8 seconds, but the Cabrio is held back by the additional weight of the folding roof mechanism and by the structural reinforcements. This power will make its way to the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission and a rear limited-slip differential to retain tire-sublimating abilities. The C63 AMG Cabrio gets the same angry hood with rippling lines that the coupe has.

Other similarities include a lower ride height, beefy brakes with slotted rotors and colored calipers, and more aggressive bumpers. The C63 will come with three suspension settings, adjustable exhaust flaps, and five transmission modes so drivers can choose to remain civilized or spend a night in jail. Prices haven't been announced for the cabrio, but the BMW M4 convertible costs $8,000 more than the coupe, so expect the same premium for the C63. Automotive News speculates that the C63 AMG coupe will start as $70,000 while the C63 AMG S will start at $80,000. Add $8,000 to each and that should be what the C63 cabriolet version will cost. Now is a good time to ask for the raise you've been wanting.

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