Mercedes Unveils Hydrogen-Electric G-Code Concept

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Mercedes contemplating a crossover below the GLA.

Ahead of its unveiling in LA later this month, Mercedes has taken the wraps off the G-Code concept, a compact crossover that previews a potential Audi Q1 rival. At 4,100 mm long, it would slot in below the GLA. The odd-looking urban concept gets its styling from Mercedes' design studios in Germany and China. Boasting short overhangs, LED lights all round and 21-inch alloys, the high-riding compact hatch adopts a canopy-style glasshouse, two cameras instead of side mirrors, while the front grille lights up in red, blue or purple depending on the driving mode.

According to the carmaker, power comes from a turbocharged engine that runs on hydrogen coupled with an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Power is sent to all four wheels via a dual-clutch transmission and electric propshaft. Cutting-edge features on the concept include the "multi-voltaic" paintwork that produces electric energy under sunlight and regenerates electrostatic energy when wind draws over the surface of the body. Energy is also generated via a "power on-the-move suspension" that uses the rebound movement of the dampers and springs to drive a generator.

Carbon-fiber seats and a large digital display are found upon opening the coach-style doors, while a pair of electric scooters is housed under the trunk and recharged when the concept is driven. Ensuring clean, fresh air at all times, the AC system uses the oxygen created during hydrogen synthesis.

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