Mercedes Unveils Viano Vision Diamond Concept in Beijing


A luxury van designed to be chauffeur driven.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced its Viano Vision Diamond at the Beijing Motor Show, essentially a luxury van that has been set up to be chauffeur driven. The concept on show boasts a two-tone exterior paint job, black radiator grille and chromed grille louvers, while a hand-painted gold line separates the two body colors of black and diamond white. Five-spoke alloys also get the two-tone treatment and the brakes feature the words 'Mercedes-Benz' in gold.

As you'd expect of a chauffeur-driven luxury van the interior has the right amount of extravagance. The chauffeur and passenger compartments are separated by a glass partition which along with the rear window, is equipped with Magic Sky Control, enabling passengers to change the color of the glass. The chauffeur's area gets seats and door paneling in nappa leather, while leather also adorns the instrument panel, steering wheel, and gearshift. From the carpet and seats to safety belt and ceiling, the passenger compartment is finished in porcelain white.

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Top-of-the-line seating comes with heating, cooling and massage features, as well as calf benches and footrests. At the touch of a button, silver Champagne flutes appear in the glass holders ready to be filled with the bubbly beverage, five bottles of which can be stored in the side paneling. Other onboard gadgets and entertainment equipment include a Bang & Olufsen sound system, a multimedia unit, W-LAN internet connectivity, and a 40-inch screen that can be stored away with the push of a button.