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Mercedes USA Expects Low GLA Supply


It's called competing with China for allocation.

The small crossover segment is extremely popular in the US these days. More specifically, luxury crossovers are drawing buyers into dealerships. And one particular new crossover they’re anxious to see is the Mercedes-Benz GLA. However, Mercedes USA is already stating that the GLA is going to be in short supply. In fact, it may even be scarcer than the CLA when it first went on sale a year ago. For example, CLA demand still remains strong and supply has fallen to as low as nine days. Mercedes prefers to have a 45 day supply.

Mercedes is expecting a similar situation in regards to the GLA. So why can’t Mercedes build the GLA and even the CLA fast enough to satisfy demand? The US is actually competing with China for vehicle allocation. Last year, European sales slowed down a bit and therefore Mercedes was able to send more units stateside. However, sales are now picking up in Europe, a market where the GLA is also expected to sell extremely well. So if you really want a new GLA, you’d better act fast otherwise your name will simply be added to the waitlist.

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