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Mercedes Wants To Fight The Audi TT Because Not Enough Hairdressers Drive Its Cars


Coming soon to a hair salon near you.

It appears that Mercedes-Benz is interested in expanding its already massive lineup even more. A new sedan? No. Wagon? No way. Ok, a new crossover? Also wrong. According to a new report coming from German publication Autobild, the automaker is now exploring the possibility of building an Audi TT fighter. Wait though, hang on. Doesn’t it already have one, the SLK-Class? Yes, but that’s never really been a good TT competitor. It’s real target is the BMW Z4.

So why is Mercedes suddenly interested in this segment? Because it has a great platform on which it could build said TT fighter. The idea would be to base it off the next-generation A-Class, essentially by making a coupe variant. Theoretically, power could come from four cylinder engines, most probably turbocharged. Still not seeing this as good TT fighter? Mercedes is also planning to cut the roof off with a convertible version. That right there would be the main TT competitor. We’ll have to wait and see how this’ll pan out.

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