Mercedes Will Chop The Top Off Its Flagship Sports Car

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The AMG GT is about to get even prettier.

Just last week, Mercedes-AMG unveiled the hardcore, AMG GT R (not to be confused with the Nissan GT-R). The R is the third model in the GT lineup which already includes the base GT and faster S model. Now, AMG Chairman Tobias Moers has revealed to Auto Express that two more road-going versions are on the way. One of these versions will be a convertible. Moers told Auto Express that "the convertible has moved well beyond the drawing board" and that "it will be the next AMG GT model to arrive." There may already be a working prototype.

Moers didn't give any specific details about the convertible AMG GT, so we don't know whether it will have a folding hard-top, or a traditional cloth roof. Given the recent history of Mercedes, we would not be surprised by a folding metal roof, but to keep weight down, rumors suggest that the car will use a canvas top. Expect both GT and GT S variants to receive a convertible version sometime in 2017. We still don't know what the second new variant will be, but we are hoping for some insane Black Series version that makes the already wild GT R look tame.

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