Mercedes Will Present A New Electric Performance Concept At Pebble Beach

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It will be even more powerful than the 740-HP Mercedes SLS E-Cell.

Pebble Beach is just around the corner, and there are lots of hotly-anticipated new car reveals to look forward to. The new BMW Z4 is highly likely to break cover, and Bugatti will be unveiling the hardcore Divo hypercar. We now know Mercedes will also be presenting a new retro-inspired electric concept car. Details are scarce, but a teaser video uploaded to the automaker's Facebook page gives us a sneak preview of the concept's radical design.

Shown as a sketch outline drawn by company boss Gorden Wagener, it looks unlike any other Mercedes currently in production, with a design inspired by vintage Grand Prix cars Mercedes used in the 1930s. This is further implied by the car's name: the Electric Silver Arrow Concept.

In truth, Mercedes already previewed the concept's striking design last month when it unveiled a sculpture dubbed the Aesthetics Progressive Luxury. The concept was inspired by the race car Rudolf Caracciola drove down the Autobahn in 1938, which hit a record-breaking flying mile average speed of 268.7mph.

According to Wagener, the Electric Silver Arrow concept will be a one-off show car promoting Mercedes' new EQ sub-brand featuring an electric powertrain with performance comparable to the W125 grand prix car. It will showcase a new performance-based powertrain with more power and a better battery capacity than the four-wheel-drive SLS E-Cell, which used four electric motors to produce a combined 740 hp.

In other words, the Electric Silver Arrow Concept could preview future high-performance AMG variants of Mercedes EQ models. The Mercedes EQC SUV will debut at the Paris Auto Show in October, and an electric sedan and hatch are also expected to join the line-up. Don't be surprised if they all get the AMG treatment at some point. Let's hope Mercedes eventually puts the Electric Silver Arrow into production as a one-off halo car for the EQ brand.

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