Mercedes Will Put AMG Engines In Up To Ten New Models This Year


It seems more and more likely that AMG will just swallow up Mercedes entirely.

With the recent explosion of Mercedes-Benz's AMG lineup, it almost seems like the company's in-house tuner is poised to swallow up the Mercedes brand entirely and exclusively pump out turbocharged luxury sedans that will rumble away in glory. Apparently, this utopian idea isn't so far from Mercedes' reality. So why is it that Mercedes keeps putting its AMG badge on seemingly every car? AMG boss Tobias Moers told Automotive News that it's due to the explosion in demand for these high performance models.

Last year alone, sales of AMG models ballooned by 40%. In order to capitalize on this growth, Mercedes is doing two things. First, it will expand the AMG lineup so that by the end of 2016 there will be 48 AMG offerings. This means that another ten AMG models will debut to add to the current lineup of 38 go-fast Mercedes. Second, Mercedes-Benz is encouraging its dealers to add special showrooms dedicated only to Mercedes-AMG cars. These special showrooms would be the first step in creating standalone AMG dealerships, which would reap a lot of money by capitalizing on the steep profits that AMG nets Mercedes. With newly expanded production capabilities, get ready for a high-horsepower onslaught.

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