Mercedes X-Class Gains Some Extra Muscle With New Widebody Kit


For now, this is the next best thing to a Mercedes-AMG X-Class styling kit.

German tuner Prior Design now has the honor of being the first aftermarket tuner to offer a widebody kit for the Mercedes X-Class with the sole purpose of giving the pickup a more menacing presence, albeit at the expense of practicality. As a result, these aftermarket components defy the point of the Mercedes workhorse, but it looks a lot sportier than the standard model. Effectively, its aggressive styling makes it look like the Mercedes-AMG X-Class that will probably never happen.

Based on the range-topping Power trim, the pickup’s standard alloys have been replaced with a bespoke set of black lightweight forged alloys available in 18-23 inches. At the front, Prior Design’s PD500 widebody aerodynamic kit package fits the Mercedes pickup with a redesigned bumper comprising of much larger air vents and a horizontal LED strip on either side that serve as daytime running lights. Elsewhere, the bumper has similarly extreme air vents and a spoiler lip that probably won’t last long if you take your X-Class off-road. Like we said, this body kit wasn’t designed with practicality in mind. The front grille has also been darkened to give the X-Class a more menacing look.

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Prior Design has also added front and rear widening and a set of side skirts to give the pickup a sportier look. At the back, the redesigned rear bumper features cutouts for a diffuser and tailpipes. Prior Design’s makeover for the Mercedes X-Class is entirely cosmetic however, so don’t expect any power upgrades. Currently, the range-topping Mercedes X-Class is powered by a V6 diesel that delivers 255 horsepower. As for an official Mercedes-AMG variant, AMG is adamant that it’s extremley unlikely to ever happen, but an AMG styling kit may be offered at some point. For now, this is the closest you’re going to get to fooling people into thinking you own a Mercedes-AMG-powered X-Class.