Mercedes X-Class Transformed Into Badass $200,000 Camper

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But you can't have it anyway.

Just over a week ago we showed you the gargantuan Global Expedition Vehicles Adventure Truck, a Ram 5500 carrying a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in place of its pickup truck bed. But if the Adventure Truck, which also comes with a Ford F-550 as an optional base vehicle, is too blatantly American, or massive, for your tastes, look no further than this fully-loaded Mercedes-Benz X-Class camper conversion.

Outfitted by German company Matzker, who typically focus on customizing Land Rovers for intense off-road duty, the X-Class features a rectangular camper behind its two-door cab, along with a host of other upgrades. Pop open the vertically-opening door and enter the camper to find a kitchenette featuring two gas burners, a sink, and a small refrigerator.

A seating area in the camper converts into a mini-bedroom, and you can also spec an optional, roof-mounted bed for any extra adventurers accompanying you on your trek. Unlike the Global Expedition Vehicles Adventure Truck, however, there is no built-in bathroom, but considering that you'll most likely be deep in the wilderness, this shouldn't prove to be an issue.

In terms of mechanical upgrades, the X-Class receives a suspension lift and a locking rear differential. Matzker also offers several options to help you survive out on the trail, including a roof-mounted solar panel, a spare wheel carrier (mounted on the roof), a hot water system, and a bigger fuel tank for increased range. Unlike the Adventure Truck, however, the X-Class runs on diesel.
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The conversion costs 89,900 euros, equivalent to $102,000, on top of the cost of an X-Class donor vehicle. With all the boxes ticked the X-Class camper can reach 180,000 euros, or $205,000. This may seem like a lot, but it is actually standard for vehicles of this sort-the Adventure truck costs $198,000 while the Winnebago Revel 4x4, a camper based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, has a sticker price of $134,799. Unfortunately, the X-Class will not be offered in the United States, so this achingly cool camper will remain forbidden fruit.

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