Merdad's McLaren MP4-12C MehRon GT

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The aftermarket program for the MP4-12C has been released by British tuners Merdad.

As if the brilliant minds at McLaren didn't perfect the powerful MP4-12C, tuners Merdad have taken the supercar to the next level with some additions for performance and appearance. The Merdad Collection's MP4-12C MehRon GT's appearance has been augmented for more aerodynamics. The supercar's front-end features a wider and more aggressive styling that gives the ride a great little facelift. Even the headlights have an added covering from the front.

The rear also packs and aggressive fender and black exposed carbon fiber. The British tuners are offering personalized packages specific to the owners needs or desires, such as a Merdad SuperSound exhaust system and a set of Merdad lightweight forged wheels. The tuning company out of Britain has also announced an engine upgrade kit that will be available starting next year. Prices will vary for the current kit, as each one will contain personalized options. A GT3 racing project for the McLaren MP4-12C will also be revealed next year.

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