Merging A Houseboat With A Tractor Turned Into A $10,000 Project

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"The boat may or may not float, so that's a little nerve-racking."

Theon Parseghian is not your ordinary mechanic. He likes to tackle serious and time consuming projects, specifically amphibious cars. After turning a Volvo into a water car, Parseghian felt it necessary to go even bigger for his next project. Around $10,000 later, he managed to successfully merge a three-wheeled, crop-spraying tractor with a 1967 houseboat. Measuring in at 32-feet long, the houseboat was in pretty poor condition when the project got underway, but the end result has given it new life.

And, by golly, Parseghian's engineering creation didn't sink on its maiden voyage. Good thing because 500 people from the area showed up to see what would happen. In fact, many of them had been watching Parseghian work on his latest project as they passed by his garage.

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With around 210 hp coming from its diesel engine and about double that for the amount of torque, this amphibious houseboat can reach up to 8 mph on the water and 20 mph on the road. That's actually pretty swift considering the size and weight of this thing. But most importantly, it didn't sink and was very stable once on the water. All told, from start to finish, it took Parseghian six months to complete the build. He's already brainstorming his next wild creation. And yes, it will be amphibious. Photos courtesy of Theonomics/Facebook

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