Merging Across Traffic To Make An Exit Ends In Chaos

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When selfish driving comes back to haunt.

First and foremost let us begin by saying that this video comes to the Internet from St. Petersburg, because of course it would take place in Russia. Horrifying and avoidable accidents are Russia's version of Mustangs wrecking at car shows in the US. After seeing the poor decision-making on this Volkswagen Tiguan driver's part, it's plain to see that even as tensions between the US and the motherland rise, the two superpowers have more in common than initially meets the eye.

One similar trait are drivers that seem to subscribe to an otherworldly set of rules when driving.

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How else can one explain the maneuver this Tiguan driver tried to pull off? After seeing the entrance they intended to drive in through, the Tiguan driver proceeds to camp in the right lane before making an attempt to cut across the entire roadway and into the entrance. Whatever lapse of judgment happened to make them cross all the way over while a speeding car was approaching in the rear view mirror is unclear, but the inevitable happened. Mr. Magoo in the Tiguan gets slammed by the oncoming hatchback, sending the Volkswagen flying into the air with the side airbags clearly inflated. To give a tinge of credit, at least the Tiguan driver had their blinker on.

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