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Mexican Cops Adding Criminals' Sports Cars To Its Fleet

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Waste not, want not.

The Mexican public security force (FSPE) in Guanajuato celebrated its 186th anniversary by swearing in 185 new officers this week (no, we don't know why they couldn't find one more officer either). According to the Mexican Zona Franca publication, it also announced that a number of sports cars and other high-end vehicles seized from organized crime would be pressed into service during the course of the year.

The Governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, said at the event that the vehicles being added to the security force included six Chevrolet Camaros, a Ford Mustang, two Cadillacs and one Corvette Stingray.

Not only will these criminals be chased by the very cars they used to own but the maintenance costs for the vehicles will be paid out of other seizures such as cash and property from other wrong-doers.

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While most would see this as a rather satisfying turn of events, not everyone in Guanajuato is pleased. One politician, Sergio Contreras Guerrero, the leader of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico criticized the move saying that the security force did not know how to drive these cars and that the parts to service them were expensive. He added that this was just a smokescreen to distract from the rising homicide rate.

His comments fell on deaf ears as the smokescreen turned out to be actual tire smoke emanating from one of the Camaros as it performed donuts for a cheering crowd. Or at least that's how we imagine it played out.