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Mexicans to Build New Alpine A-110

A Mexican group is planning to revive the Renault Alpine A110, dubbing it the SST-77.

During thesixties and seventies, Mexico was licensed to build the Alpine A110, which itnamed the Dinalpin – a portmanteau that combines DINA, a Mexican automotiveproducer, and the French Alpines. With the revival of Renault’s former rallyracing brand, today a group of Mexicans, led by Miguel Jimenez, wants torevive the Dinalpin with a streamlined design named the SST-77. Part of the project will be to build a new body made of fiberglass, Kevlar andcarbon-fiber designed by Alejandro Castaneda.

This will then be mounted on a chassis developed by Mexico Auto Design, which is located in the same city where the Dinalpin was originally built.The SST-77 sports car will be lightweight, agile, high performance, and handmade in limited numbers. No other information has been provided about the project. Renault recently revealed it’s working with Caterham to get a new Alpine revival out by 2015. So the Mexican’s are up against it to get its fledgling project completed first.

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