Mexico: Mastretta is Out of the Game

The first Mexican sports car is also the last, for now.

Mastretta Cars, the Mexican company responsible for manufacturing the MXT, has reportedly halted production of its sports car until further notice, and may well be out of business. The company, which bonded the Mastretta family with business partners like Corporacion Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital and Mexico ventures, apparently suffered from “a clumsy, irresponsible and negligent management,” according to statements made by company directors in the official press release.

The management allegedly “used up in only eight months all the resources provided without meeting any of the objectives they were compromised to,” leading to this unfortunate end. The MXT was supposed to become Mexico's first sports car, and was designated to be powered by the Ford Focus ST’s 2.0-liter turbo four. However, as company chiefs stated in their press release, "we tried until the end, we couldn't help it."

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