Formula 1

Mexico Possibly Getting F1 Back

Mexico joins several other locations in a bid to be once again included in the F1 race schedule.

Mexico hasn't hosted an F1 race since 1992, but in a recent conversation with Europa Press, FIA president Jean Todt seemed optimistic about the sport's return to Mexican soil. He is quoted as saying "Today Mexico is an economically strong country and I am convinced that in the future it is possible." No date has been even tentatively discussed, but it is known that talks are going on to bring F1 to several other locations.

New Jersey and Cape Town are also in talks for their own races, and this on top of the recent additions of races in Austin, Texas and Sochi, Russia. Should F1 return to Mexico, the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit will likely be the location of the race, as it where the Grand Prix was held before. There is currently only one Mexican F1 driver, Sergio Perez, but the sport is still very popular there, and we think it would be exciting to see another country step up to challenge Brazil's dominance of the sport in Latin America.

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