Mexico's Greatest Sports Car Is Getting A Racier Makeover


Only a Vuhl wouldn't be excited for this.

Mexico probably isn't the first country you'd expect to have a large car industry, but the truth is it's got quite a status as one of the world's most important manufacturing hubs. Not only have loads of car makers set up factories in Mexico, but a handful of small sports car companies have established themselves in recent years, with perhaps the most noteworthy success story being Vuhl. It's the company behind the brisk little 05 open-top two-seater, and the firm based out of Mexico City now has an even more track-oriented model in the works.

Imaginatively titled the "05RR," the new Vuhl sports car is dubbed by its maker as the "lighter, faster, track-focused younger brother" of the standard 285-hp car that already has a very impressive 410-hp-per-ton power-to-weight ratio. We've no word yet on whether the Vuhl 05RR will be endowed with any more power, but we do know that this new, mightily fasted Mexican road car should be an awful lot faster than the regular car around a track. Vuhl claims weight has been shed, which is a feat in itself, when the regular Vuhl 05 without the optional carbon-fiber tub tips the scales at just 1,532 lbs. And there's now a lot more aero on board, as teased in one of the preview photos with the new vertical strakes mounted on the underside of the car.

It's a shame we don't have a better look at the Vuhl 05RR, but fortunately the wait until we see the car being revealed isn't that far off. Vuhl Automotive will be displaying the car at next week's Goodwood Festival of Speed, with the Manor Racing F1 team's development driver Jordan King scheduled to hustle the 05RR up the hill climb route. With several other low-volume sports cars set to make their debuts at Goodwood next week, and with a new "Race Car For The Road" time attack category introduced in this year's Festival of Speed for track-honed sports cars, we can't wait to see how the Vuhl 055 fares against the equally ballistic likes of the upgraded BAC Mono, Elemental Rp1 and Caterham 620R.


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