Mexico's Latest Supercar Looks Like A Confused Alien


And sounds too good to be true.

The majority of high-powered, good-looking supercars come out of Italy or another European country. Mexico's latest supercar-the Inferno-is led by Mexican engineers but is being built by Italian specialists. Interestingly, Italian Chief Designer Antonio Ferrioli is heading the design of the supercar and has worked on various concepts for Lamborghini. The Inferno supercar is set to enter production in 2016, but there's no word on whether this concept is a running example. With Italian styling and Mexican engineering, what could go wrong?

The interesting bodywork utilizes a mixture of Aluminum, Zinc and Silver, which is being referred to as "metal foam." The company behind the project of the supercar owns a patent to the material, so this will most likely be the first and only supercar that utilizes the mix. The material is capable of stretching up to 100 times its original size to absorb impacts. The most important aspect of the supercar is that it features a V8 engine capable of producing 1,400 hp and will be able to propel the Inferno to 245 mph. Zero to 62 mph should take less than three seconds thanks to the Inferno's aerodynamic components. All of this sounds way too good to be true, but we'll have to wait and see if this Mexican supercar can play with the best from Italy.

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