Meyers Manx Gets First Updates In Over Half A Century

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The changes add modern features while retaining the original design.

Meyers Manx has just announced a new Remastered Kit for enthusiasts who want to build their own dune buggy. Bruce Meyers introduced his first dune buggy based on the Volkswagen Beetle back in the 1960s, and the design stayed more or less the same since 1970. This reimagined kit introduces slight changes to the Meyers Manx formula for the first time in over a half century. Here's what's new:

The DIY kit now includes a locking rear trunk, removable dash assembly, integrated wiring tubes, and digital remastering to provide a more seamless fit. Buyers will also get a greater selection of colors, including solid gel-coats and metal flake finishes. Each color includes a UV clear coat for additional protection.

Meyers Manx
Meyers Manx

"It is a privilege to work on the Manx Dune buggy, which is such an iconic piece of California cultural history," said legendary designer Freeman Thomas, who integrated the updates into the original design. "The goal of the Remastered program was to preserve [founder] Bruce Meyers' unmistakable design while incorporating modern touches that make full assembly accessible to more people."

"The 1960s were all about can-do spirit, from grassroots car customizers to the Space Program," said Meyers Manx chairman Phillip Sarofim. "We're bringing a taste of that era back with a modernized, easier-to-build version of the original dune buggy kit that launched an automotive cultural movement. The original Meyers Manx has been prolifically emulated but never duplicated, and this is an opportunity to build and drive an authentic legend."

Meyers Manx

This new kit has already drawn the interest of RUF founder Alois Ruf, who may buy one for himself or even create a faster version through his company. "We've always loved how the classic Meyers Manx Buggy drives," he said. "Knowing that at-home assembly has been a challenge for some, the Remastered Kit should make it easier for a new group of enthusiasts to build their dream cars at home."

The Meyers Manx 2.0 will arrive later this year, ushering the iconic dune buggy into the electric era. More details to come.

Meyers Manx
Meyers Manx
Meyers Manx

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