MG Cyberster Roadster Wants To Shock The Miata With Lamborghini-Style Scissor Doors

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You can't get those on a Miata.

MG unveiled its Cyberster Concept at the 2021 Auto Shanghai Show in China last year, and now the British brand has revealed the first teaser video of the production model.

The car is not fully revealed, but its existence reignites one of the most interesting car-based battles ever. Following the success of the NA Mazda Miata, Toyota and MG also wanted a piece of the roadster pie. Toyota built the MR-2, while MG made the TF. Both were mid-engined, but neither was good enough to make a significant dent in Mazda's market share.

With this new model, MG obviously wants to come out of the gate swinging a giant metaphorical fist.


MG did not win the battle with Mazda back when both were producing epic ICE vehicles. But now it has the chance to easily beat Mazda because the next-generation Miata doesn't even exist yet. The current ND Miata will be around until at least 2024, and its successor won't be an EV.

There's almost zero chance of the MG Cyberster making it to the States, but it will go head-to-head with Mazda's pragmatic roadster in China. A more likely target from an industry perspective is the Tesla Roadster, which has been floating around as an idea since 2017.


The latest teaser footage reveals one unique feature that has been carried over from the concept. Manufacturers usually ditch the Lambo-like scissor doors as soon as production gets the green light, but MG kept them on. It will also have a fold-down soft-top and a yoke steering wheel. The rear design is also quite radical, but the front seems minimalist with simple pod-style headlights.

MG has no mechanical updates, but it claimed a range of 500 miles and a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds for the concept.

MG is currently the property of the Nanjing Automobile Group, which also owns the right to several defunct automotive brands, including Wolseley, Austin, Morris, and Sterling.


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