MG E-Motion EV Sports Car To Take On Tesla In 2020

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MG is finally returning to its sports car roots.

It's been a long time since we've been anticipating the reveal of a new MG. While the SAIC-owned automaker has been churning out woefully generic supercompacts and SUVs in recent years, the recently teased E-Motion concept marks a belated return to MG's sports car roots. The all-electric sports car concept has now been revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show, and according to Auto Express it will be entering production to take on Tesla possibly as early as 2020.

MG still hasn't revealed any powertrain details, but confirmed that the E-Motion is based on SAIC's new electric modular architecture and is capable of 0-62 mph in under four seconds, with a range of 310 miles on a single charge. Not only does the E-Motion mark MG's belated return to its sports car roots, it also previews a new, "more friendly" design language it hopes will appeal to younger buyers who may not be familiar with MG's heritage in the auto industry. The profile reminds us of the Aston Martin Zegato, while the front grille,which looks similar to Mercedes' Diamond grilles, is flanked by unique Matrix LED headlights inspired by the design of the London Eye to remind you of the MG's British origins.

They also feature slidable covers that reveal round headlights as a throwback to classic MG sports cars. The rear of the E-Motion is just as distinctive, with a retractable rear spoiler, carbon fiber rear diffuser, striking vertical taillights and a sloping, completely glass roof. Enter the elegant butterfly doors, and you'll find four seats and plenty of touchscreen infotainment for front and rear passengers. MG's classic sports cars weren't renowned for their reliability, but MG's chief designer Jingfeng told Auto Express that the E-Motion is part of MG's long-term plan to give the brand a more upmarket appeal. Prices for the E-Motion will start at under 30,000 GBP (around $38,500). Watch out Tesla.

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