MG Returns To Sports Car Roots With The E-Motion


MG will be revealing a new electric sports car concept known as the E-Motion in Shanghai.

Since its revival by the Shanghai-based company SAIC in 2006, MG has yet to release a memorable car, let alone a performance car. In its heyday, MG was renowned for making superb two-seater sports cars that, while unreliable, were as great to drive as they were to look at and admire, which is why it's sad to see the reformed company churning out generic sedans and hatchbacks not worthy of the MG badge in recent years. Rumors that MG is returning to its sports car roots have been rife for years now, yet there's still been nothing.

Mercifully, that could be about to change at this week's Shanghai Auto Show. According to Autocar, MG will reveal a new electric sports car known as the E-Motion to take on the Tesla Model S. It's still only a concept for now, sadly, but if reactions to its reveal are positive, there's a strong chance it could go into production. The slender shape of the E-Motion looks unlike anything MG currently produces, with elegant butterfly doors and a clean design. From the rear it resembles a Ferrari, while the front seems inspired Mazda's design language complemented by a large grille and LED lights. Inside, it has four seats, "advanced connectivity systems" and infotainment connectivity for front and rear passengers.

Autocar also claims that the all-electric powertrain has been developed in-house. No power output was specified, but the E-Motion is said to be capable of sprinting from 0-62 mph in under four seconds, and has a range of over 310 miles. In contrast to the MG GS SUV and MG 3 subcompact, the E-Motion could be the sports car the automaker sorely needs to revitalize the brand right now. Look out for the reveal of the MG E-Motion EV at the Shanghai Auto Show this week.

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