MG Reveals CS Concept in Shanghai

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Although it's a far cry from classic MG roadsters, the new CS Concept crossover could potentially be a sales hit if it were to make production.

Chinese-owned MG continues its quest to become an integral part of the European automotive market with the premier of its new CS Concept crossover at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Few details were given about this stylish urban SUV, but judging by the five-door concept's overall appearance, we'd say it's well along the road to production. MG points out some exterior design traits that it's particularly proud of, such as the headlights and their multi-faceted "shard" structure which refracts light in different colors and shapes from the side.


The automaker hasn't released any technical specs but a potential production version would likely be offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine but a hybrid is also possible. In addition to Europe, a road-going version would also likely go on sale in China. But overall, this small crossover is a far cry from MG classics like the MGA and MGB roadsters, but only time will tell whether or not the public will find it appealing.

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